Abdul Jalil Bhuiyan

Managing Partner

Speech from the Managing Partner

I have cherished a dream in childhood that I would establish an institute that would build many instruments for cultivation. Because Bangladesh is a agricultural country.About 80% of population depends on agriculture.As a result our country need to import many essential machinery’s from abroad to carry out this cultivation.Our Government has to pay huge amount of tax to import those instruments.Beside thinking this fact, to shape my dream  I thought about developing a Metal Industry to build those agricultural instruments.But I found that huge amount of  money is needed to develop this industry.Then I developed this Metal Industry along with my 8 coeval friends.Our Industry was named as Uttara Metal  Industry.We have been making many agricultural instruments for about 12 years that meets the demand of our country,we are also exporting our product to abroad. In future we’ll try to build more instruments using advanced technology maintaining the best quality so that we can assist the advancement of the socioeconomic of our country exporting our agricultural instruments.Finally I hope that our Uttara Metal Industry will gain more progress and success as well. Allah Hafez