Our Product Selling Policy

Every organization has a unique purpose and reason for being. For our organization any one can give order to us. For our order purpose we are maintaining to business policy those are:

1. Domestic business policy and

2. International business policy.

Thing is that we are offering you our highly service and ensure that the customer satisfaction is our best business policy.

For selling any product firstly we are taking order by size, weight and time.

For Domestic purpose we are taking our time maximum 7-10 days. But you should to pay us 20% fees of your total product order.

For International business policy our diligence is being highly obligation. Our service segment offer large capture market outside of our country. Our Strategy evaluation is developing our business and illustration with our buyer selling our product. However any country buyer can give us order. For our order policy firstly we are taking our 20% charge of shipping cost and giving feedback to you for all formalities as early as possible. We are ensuring you that we are taking our time maximum 20-25 days to deliver your product to your hand. But you need to ensuring us that when our product will be shipping you have to paid your full payment of your order to us.

N.B: Carrying charge is being excluded and buyer will need to pay. <